Can you SEE Jesus ALIVE & ACTIVE in your life?


In this week’s podcast, I am sending out a word of encouragement in the season of advent! 

  Have you ever wondered what “advent” even means?  

ADVENT means:  a coming into place, view, or being, arrival:

Let’s do something different and  take the word “view” or “arrival” and use it in our everyday life and practice “Seeing Jesus Alive” and ACTIVE!  Let’s prepare and get ready for Jesus to show up in our every day lives! 

 Let Jesus is take His place in your thoughts, circumstances, disappointment, in your losses and in your blessing!

Here are three areas where Jesus wants to reveal Himself to you! 

1. See Jesus ALIVE & ACTIVE your  loss! It is important to recognize the loss as part of your story, your testimony.  Over looking the loss will take away from your story because people won’t know the power of  God and  how He brought you out of a “horrible pit”.  That’s how David said it!  

But for me, I hid my “horrible pit” for many years!  People did not know my sufferings and my losses because they were too shameful to speak about.  Until one day I found my healing and freedom when I began to see Jesus ALIVE & ACTIVE in my life, my whole life, even in my pain, disappointment, and loss!

When you get a chance read 2 Corinthians 11:23-28 and you will see how Paul counted his losses. He didn’t look over the things he had gone through! 

CLICK HERE and listen to this week’s podcast on counting your losses, your blessings, and count it all joy! 

Paul counted his losses!   But he didn’t get stuck there!  Some of you have been getting stuck in your loss and you can’t see the blessing that God has put all around you because your focus is your loss.  But today, Jesus wants you to make HIM your focus and bring HIM back to the center of your life.  Give Him a seat at the your table of losses! Invite Him in on the tears as you count your losses! 

2. Seeing Jesus ALIVE & ACTIVE in my blessing!  Paul counted his losses in the midst of the fellowship of Jesus while recognizing the blessings all around him. 

Read 2 Corinthians 4:1-4, 6-10, 16-18  and you will see how Paul counted his blessings upon his losses!


3. Count It All Joy! 

James 1:2

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 

JOY IN GREEK: xará  means: extended favor, lean toward, be favorably disposed” –  awareness of God’s grace, favor; joy “grace recognized”.

IN OTHER WORDS:  When you fall into various trials, the JOY that is set before you is God’s Favor and Grace….and the awareness of JESUS being ALIVE AND ACTIVE IN YOUR LIFE!

I have some Good News to bring you! Jesus wants to show up on the scenes of your life, your circumstances, and your trouble. He will bring up every valley and bring every mountain low.  

The Lord wants to bring you to a level place where He will smooth out the rough places and fill in the potholes of your life. 




God has an expiration date for this trial that has caused you so much pain! 

And when it ends…..the world needs to watch out for the SHOUT that will come from  YOU!

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