Former New-Ager and Ex-astrologer Gives Her Life to Jesus!

Marcia Montenegro, a former professional astrologer for 8 years and teacher of astrology; a former practitioner for many years of Eastern-type meditation and beliefs, and who engaged in various occult practices such as having a spirit guide and doing astral travel talks about how she came to know the ONE TRUE living God, JESUS! The Ex-Astrologer has given her heart to the Lord and had a powerful experience with the Holy Spirit and the Love of God.

Her transformation all began with a nudge to go to church and a desire to read the Bible!

Marcia began to read the Bible. She started in Matthew, the first book of the New Testament. Reading the Bible put her in touch with something pure that she had not experienced until then.  Although she had read the Bible before while growing up and had quoted from it for astrological articles, this time it was different. She felt as though she was encountering something clean.

This person Jesus fascinated her.  Marcia says, “It was as though I was learning about Him for the first time. One winter evening on Dec. 21st, while reading part of the 8th chapter of Matthew, the real Jesus was revealed to me. I was reading the account of Jesus on the boat with His disciples when a terrible storm arose. The disciples were afraid they would drown, and so they woke Jesus up, telling Him that they were going to perish. Jesus stopped the storm in its tracks! How? He did not visualize calm waters; He did not perform a ritual. He rebuked the winds and the sea, and they obeyed him. He was displaying his authority over nature.

While reading this account over and over, I realized that I was separated from God by everything I had done in my past — I had lived my whole life based on my will, a will that had rejected and dismissed God and His word. I realized that the only way to be forgiven of being against God, the only way to be reconciled with this true God, was through Jesus, who suffered and died for me out of a great unconditional love. I realized that Jesus really is the Savior. I realized that he had died because everyone had gone their own way and gone against God, like myself, but would be forgiven when trusting in Jesus.”

In those several minutes sitting on her bed with the Bible, she knew that the truth and the answer to all her questions were one and the same: Jesus Christ!  So, that day, she gave her heart to Christ and knew she belonged to Him from that moment on. At that moment, she realized she was a new person inside.

This was the Holy Spirit indwelling and regenerating her! She was born again!

Several months later, she found out that a young Christian man at the part-time job she had had been praying for her with the young adult fellowship at his church.

You are going to hear Marcia talk a little about yoga, enneagram, and new age and how it has silently creeped in the church.

As a child, she had always been intrigued with the paranormal. Then later she walked through the door that led to spirit guides, meditation, astrology, the “higher Self,” raising the kundalini, developing psychic abilities, praying to gurus, astral travel, numerology, Tarot cards, contacting the dead, hanging out with witches, Sufis, following Muktananda, Rajneesh, Sai Baba, and Maharaji.  But ONE nudge from God and a desire to read the Word, changed her life all because a co-worker and his church was praying for her.  Prayer changes things!

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“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me,” – John 14:6.

(You will find Marcia’s story with more detail in Chapter 10 of The Unexpected Journey (Zondervan) by Thom S. Rainer. This book contains the firsthand accounts of 12 people who came to faith in Christ from other spiritual beliefs and told their stories to Dr. Rainer. Marcia’s testimony has been published in many other publications, including the end of the chapter on Astrology in The Kingdom of the Occult, by Walter Martin, Jill Martin Rische, and Kurt Van Gorden. These books are sold on Amazon and also on the Christian Book site at, and can also be found in or ordered by bookstores).

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