The Advent of Jesus


The Advent of Jesus

Dear friends and partners! 

Christmas is right around the corner! I also feel like there is a blessing just for you from the Lord, right around the corner! 

It seems like here lately the word “advent” has been popping up all around me lately.  Have you ever wondered what “advent” even means?  

I looked it up in the dictionary and it means:  a coming into place, view, or being, arrival:

Advent refers to the coming of Christ into the world.

Advent also refers to the Second Coming of Jesus. 

I have a challenge for you this Christmas season.  Let’s do something different and  take the word “view” or “arrival” and use it in our everyday life and practice “Seeing Jesus Alive” and ACTIVE! Then take the word “coming into place” and put it in our lives.  Jesus is taking His place in our thoughts, our circumstances, our election, etc. 

John, the Baptist, was the one who was in the wilderness crying out, “prepare ye the way of the Lord”.  He was preparing the people for the arrival of Jesus!




In Mark 1:1-4 it says,

This is the beginning of the wonderful news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. It starts with Isaiah the prophet, who wrote:

Listen! I am sending my messenger ahead of you and he will prepare your way!

He is a thunderous voice of one who shouts in the wilderness:
“Prepare your hearts for the coming of the Lord Yahweh,
and clear a straight path inside your hearts for him!”

John the Baptizer was the messenger who appeared in an uninhabited region, preaching a baptism of repentance for the complete cancellation of sins. 

I have some Good News to bring you!   The Lord wants to show up on the scenes of your life, your circumstances, and your trouble. He will bring up every valley and bring every mountain low.  The Lord wants to bring you to a level place where He will smooth out the rough places and fill in the potholes of your life.  Do you need a Word from the Lord? I’m telling you…God is going to SHOW UP on the scenes of your circumstance. Are you ready for this? 

The very first name of God that is used in this text in Hebrew is (̓Elōhîm) and expresses Yahweh is in charge of every circumstance as the Creator, the all-powerful One establishing all the physical scenes of life. 

See the difference . . . when reading through Hebrew eyes!  He is the Lord Yahweh, the God (̓Elōhîm) of Israel & Adonay (‘the destiny-Maker’), Yahweh (God’s only name), the God (‘the circumstance-Maker’) of Israel.”

Elohim’s name is Circumstance Maker/Destiny Maker!  That excites me!  Now read the text through Hebrew eyes and see the full picture!

Isaiah 40:1-5 TPT

Your God says to you:

    “Comfort, comfort my people with gentle, compassionate words.

Speak tenderly from the heart to revive those in Jerusalem (the church),
and proclaim that their warfare is over.
Her debt of sin is paid for, and she will not be treated as guilty.
Prophesy to her that she has received from the hand of Yahweh
twice as many blessings as all her sins.”

A thunderous voice cries out in the wilderness:
    “Prepare the way for Yahweh’s arrival!
  Make a highway straight through the desert for our God!

Every valley will be raised up, every mountain brought low.
The rugged terrain will become level ground
and the rough places a plain.

Then Yahweh’s radiant glory will be unveiled,
and all humanity will experience it together.
Believe it, for Yahweh has spoken his decree!

Will you make room for HIM? Make room in your circumstances as you sit in heavenly places with Him knowing that Elohim is fighting your battle and He is at work.  As you are getting ready for Christmas, my friends, I want to encourage you to invite Jesus in your everyday walk, make a path and clear the way for the Circumstance Maker/Destiny Maker shows up! Prepare YE the way of the LORD!!

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