The amazing back-to-life story of Carey Rostorfer

Carey known as Theit experienced the hand of God! A miracle! God multiplied bread and milk to feed 28 starving children after walking for 500 miles.

Carey now.


Psalm 139:16

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.


Dear Friends! 

Can you believe how time is flying? I am already on episode 61 of my podcast One Voice Makes A Difference. That means for 61 weeks straight I have released a NEW podcast!  For the next 3 weeks you will hear a story about a little girl who was rescued from the jungles of Vietnam in the middle of war and chaos! 

Please don’t stop reading! You’ve got to hear  about the miracles that God performed in her life. 

Listen to the full episode of Carey’s story. I really can see her story in a movie someday.  I don’t think I’ve ever cried like I did on this podcast interview.  

Click Here to Listen:

Imagine yourself journeying in the jungles of Vietnam and in the this jungle you see a little girl of eight years old with her hair matted full of lice, belly sticking out from hunger and malnutrition, no shoes and scared to death!  War was all around her. But that’s all she knew. Her name was Thiet, and her ancestry came from the Mongolian people.  Her tribe today is known as the Hmong Tribe. Today that tribe is called JEH.  Even though her people are the Hmong, the French people gave them the name “Montagnards” which means “mountain people”.  Get ready to brace yourself for such a moving and inspiring story!

Thiet lived in a very primitive, wild, and undeveloped part of the jungle. Their lives were simple. Women wore a cloth wrapped around their bodies and the men wore a cloth that only covered their loins.  They cooked outside over a fire and they grew their own vegetables.  Their food included rice, fresh vegetables from the garden, and different kinds of meats from chicken and pork to grasshoppers and monkey brains! 

One day while Thiet was playing an enjoyingher life, everything changed when she and her family went to visit her father who had been fighting along the side of the Americans for their country.  She was one of two girls and four boys. From a distance she could feel the sudden sound of bullets flying through the air and to her shock, she saw it hit her mom right between the eyes.  Her baby brother had been strapped to her mom’s body and he was covered in her blood but still alive!  When Thiet saw that he was alive, her first instinct was to run over and save him in the middle of cross-fire. 

Please reach out to me if Carey’s story is touching your life. And stay tuned for part 2 of her story! 

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In the airport. The first time she ever saw a white person! She was so shocked!

This is the pastor that rescued them.

The whole group.

Carey and her husband Jay in the present.

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