The God Who Delivers!

Dear Friends,

I recently had a conversation with the Lord, and this is what He said to me.

Me: Lord, why have you been so silent?

Jesus: In a still small voice He said “Listen!”

Me: listen for….. stillness?

Jesus: There is deliverance, victory and healing for a nation in silence, just ask Esther!

The Lord spoke to my heart in complete silence, and this is what I heard Him say.

“Don’t be afraid of the silence! Even though I have been silent, I AM PRESENT! In this “silent” season I am creating a GRAND ENTRANCE of my power! A GRAND PRESENTATION!

This entrance will escort Revelation, Deliverance, Salvation, Freedom, and Jubilee! This will pave the way for HEALING of the mind, the soul, and the body! If healing comes now in this atmosphere you will skip past the Revelation Deliverance and Salvation!

So, I’ve been silent on purpose with a grand plan that will bring freedom, victory, and deliverance!

In worship……LISTEN ..In prayer………LISTEN….In silence……..LISTEN


Have you experienced a season of silence? If so, I want to send you a word of encouragement………LISTEN!

One thing that follows a “silent” season is VICTORY.

There is no VICTORY without a fight!  In life you will have battles, struggles, defeats and victories! But God is a God who Delivers us from it all!

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The God Who Delivers


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Psalm 91:3 Surely, He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence.

DELIVER in Hebrew means to snatch away by a bold intervention – a “clean get away” delivering someone “right out of the clutches” of the enemy; snatch out of harm’s way, even while in the midst of the situation; dramatic deliverance, accomplished no matter how unlikely – face-to-face confrontation – personal, decisive intervention pulling someone out of the hold of the enemy.

In your fight or struggle God is able to confront your enemy face to face!

When you think of Esther’s story……God was silent but very involved with the people He put in position of power.  What looked like was going to be devastation ended up resulting in freedom to fight for their lives that ushered in a mighty deliverance and victory for the Hebrew people!

God is at work despite the silence!

There is a constant war between your flesh and your spirit, but Jesus came to deliver you out the hold of the enemy so that you can live a life of freedom in the Spirit.

The enemy wants you to give up by wearing you out through the cares of life!  But Guess what?

God is a DELIVERER!!! David knew it so well!

Psalm 91: 14 “Because he has loved Me, I will deliver him; I will set him securely on high, because he has known My name.

Deliver in Hebrew means to deliver someone facing unlikely escape – “against the odds” so needing a deliverer who can “beat the odds”; an unlikely survivor (“fugitive”), unexpected to escape – an “underdog,” a “long-shot-survivor” who is restored back to their rightful destiny.

God is saying today:

  • What is unlikely to you, is probable with ME!
  • When you can’t beat the odds, I CAN!
  • When you’re in a bind, I will raise a standard against the enemy and make away of escape!
  • I will restore you back to your rightful destiny!

Hear the Word of the Lord! TODAY IS YOUR DAY OF DELIVERANCE!

Deuteronomy 8:1-3 New King James Version

“Every commandment which I command you TODAY you must be careful to observe, that you may live and multiply, and go in and possess the land of which the Lord swore to your fathers. 

Today in the silence, I want you to know that God is at work! He’s at work in the world, He’s at work in the systems of the world. He’s at work in the church!  He’s at work in your life! He’s at work in this pandemic! Your deliverance will come when you decide TODAY to LIVE….and multiply and GO POSSESS YOUR LAND!

You guys…..We don’t live by bread alone…but  by every word that precedes from the mouth of God.

The WORD OF GOD WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Become rooted in it and LIVE in it, MULTIPLY in it, then GO IN and POSSESS your Land by it! TODAY!

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